Every year more and more people become interested in the IT-sphere and see their future in it. We have collected the 10 most relevant professions in IT, which are not only interesting in themselves, but will also provide you with a stable, highly paid, and most importantly, interesting job for many years to come.

Python web developer

The Python programming language is becoming more and more popular, and the need for specialists is growing accordingly. In addition, web developers are increasingly needed. What are these experts?

A web developer is engaged in the creation and maintenance of sites, interfaces, as well as the organization of reliable data storage on servers. A huge plus of the profession is that you can work from anywhere in the world. You can even learn a specialty without leaving your home.

On the online course, you will be taught all the intricacies of web development and will help in further employment. At the end of the course, you will have a completed portfolio.

UX designer

Also in the field of IT, UX designers are increasingly required. These are people who care about how people will experience using this or that product. UX designers must not only personally test the product, but also make sure that everything works correctly, logically and conveniently.

For example, a company wants to develop an application. The UX designer must make sure that the application is convenient to use, it is easy to understand and will not cause negative emotions in users. It must define the tasks that the application must perform to satisfy the end user. Of course, this specialist is also engaged in product design.

QA tester

The tester is another important specialist in the IT field, without whom the development of any application is indispensable. The tester should take a close look at what the application will be like, and then study it and identify any problems and flaws.

It depends on the work of the tester how comfortable it will be to use the application in the future. To do this, you must first know what the finished product will be like, and then be able to analyze all the important aspects that will need to be checked.

Is registration convenient? Is she logical? Can I sign in to the app with Facebook or Google? Is the interface working correctly? These and many other questions a tester should ask himself when testing a new product, so that the end users are as satisfied as possible.

Data scientist

A data scientist is a human orchestra that must understand not only Python programming, but also mathematics, statistics, machine learning, Big Data application and much more. Despite all the difficulties, this is a very extensive and extremely interesting profession that will allow you to work with successful companies.

In addition, this is one of those specialties that can be mastered through courses. On the course, you will learn data analysis, machine learning, Python, neural networks and much more. The best part is that you can learn a profession even from scratch.

Mobile developer

The smartphone market does not stand still and is developing rapidly, and, consequently, applications for devices are also developing. Already now we can find out our heart rate with the help of applications, keep track of expenses, draw, use a voice assistant and perform many other actions. Applications are becoming more convenient and technologically advanced, for which mobile developers are to be thanked.

Such a specialist can work independently on their own product or join a large team. In addition, he is free to choose where he works – in the office or at home. If you can’t see life without your smartphone and love learning new apps, this job might be perfect for you.

Frontend Developer

A frontend developer deals with the client side of the interface, that is, the very area that users of a product or application most often see. In the frontend, you need not only to be a good programmer, but also to have creative abilities in order to correctly present the interface and information to users.

In addition, a front-end developer must know JavaScript, HTML, CSS and be able to use other tools in their work. Also, the front-ender needs to make sure that everything will be displayed correctly from different devices and browsers. In a world where the Internet is increasingly penetrating our lives, the frontend developer is one of the most important professionals.

Backend developer

Unlike a frontend developer who deals with the interface, a backend developer deals with the software part of the product, its internal system and architecture. In fact, this is a person who creates the “skeleton” of any application or product, and everything else rests on this “skeleton”.

Frontend and backend work together, because the result of the other depends on the work of one. A frontend specialist can create tasks for a backend developer in order to implement one or another functionality.

A backend specialist needs to know Python, Ruby, Perl and others, in addition, they need to understand frameworks and be able to design a service architecture. Also, the backender should be able to work with the code, create the core of the site and monitor the status of the servers.


A database administrator is a specialist whose work determines whether users can access the necessary information at any time. He can develop a database from scratch, implementing the necessary methods for the security of user information, its integrity, and so on.

Also, the database administrator must timely back up data, analyze user needs, and take care of the safety of information. A specialist in this field needs to have an engineering mindset and be as attentive as possible – almost all of his working day will be spent in front of the monitor. In addition, it will be useful to know network protocols, services, and programming languages.

C++ programmer

One of the most important programming languages ​​can be called C ++, because it is used to create operating systems, drivers, games, software and much more. It is a complex and incredibly vast language, which is not so easy to make friends with. It is these complexities that make C++ developers one of the most sought-after specialists in the IT field.

It is not enough to know only C++, because the work of a programmer is closely related to JavaScript, MySQL, and other tools. In addition, the language is constantly evolving, so you need to be ready for constant learning. It is also important to be able to work with someone else’s code, not be afraid of a large amount of information and be able to correctly compose technical specifications.

Information Security Specialist

An information security specialist can be called one of the most precious employees in any organization. It is on him that the protection of user data or even the whole company depends. The security officer also trains other employees, develops the necessary documentation and, of course, bears an incredibly great responsibility – especially when it comes to a large company.

An information security specialist must provide reliable data protection to prevent virus attacks, as well as protect the network from hacking.

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