In our time of explosive growth of IT technologies, the profession of a programmer is in great demand. Almost any area of our life can no longer do without electronic devices that are controlled by software written by programmers.

Techmaklife will try to figure out what the responsibilities of developers are, what they depend on, how much programmers earn per month. And also talk about the pros and cons of this profession.

Professional responsibilities of a developer (programmer)

The professional duties of a programmer include the creation (writing) of a code (computer program) according to a given technical task. How the terms of reference for software development are written is the topic of a separate article. The job of a programmer is to simulate the implementation of a given program using some mathematical model, algorithms and choose a tool for implementation – a programming language.

Programmers, in turn, are divided into:

  • Frontend developer
  • backend developer
  • mobile application developer
  • software developer (desktop)
  • server software developer

Myths about programmers

Higher education.

There is one myth that we want to dispel. It says that in order to become a successful programmer, you need to have a higher education in the field of IT (information technology). This is, as you can imagine, complete nonsense. In order to become a successful developer, you need desire, daily coding lessons, and of course communication-reading on professional programming forums, such as Habr or Stackoverflow, programming books, video programming courses.

English language

There are many rumors about this subject. A programmer needs to know English, or not. The opinion of the editors of Techmaklife is unambiguous. You need to know at least at the technical level. This is due to the fact that all information is primarily published in English, and in order to be in demand as a developer, and therefore highly paid, you need to have the latest information in the field of IT.
As a rule, a programmer speaks several programming languages. But if you wish, to master a new one is a matter of several weeks, months. Since all programming languages ​​have a similar syntax and model.
The profession of a programmer, so to speak, is a creative profession. Why? Make the developer come to the office at 8 am and see what happens. Performance will be close to zero.

What is the salary of a programmer?

To determine what type of programmer you are, you can use the list below.
• 0.5-1.5 years of real experience = Junior
• 1-3 years = Middle (during this time you are called Middle)
• 4-6 years old = Senior

Among other things, the salary of an IT specialist is determined by a large number of factors:
For example, the company where the programmer works. The RFP is per year.

  • Google: about $120 thousand.
  • Ebay: about $150 thousand.
  • Apple: about $120-150 thousand.
  • Twitter: about $140-150 thousand.
  • Facebook: about $130-150 thousand.
  • Alibaba: about $32-35 thousand.
  • Yandex: about $40-55 thousand.
  • Kaspersky Lab: about $35-45 thousand.

The skill level of the programmer.

If a programmer speaks several programming languages, his salary may be higher, since he can perform the duties of several developers.

Place of residence.

In large cities, salaries can be significantly higher than in the periphery. In large cities, as a rule, there are large customers or outsourcing companies that are willing to pay above the market, for speed, for quality, etc.

Own Internet projects.

You can create your own IT project and earn good money on it. The level of entry into the IT business is minimal.

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