Today our topic is devoted to the employment of programmers (developers).

Frequently asked questions when writing a programmer resume:

  • How to write a good resume?
  • How to behave in an interview?
  • How to please an HR manager?
  • Do I need to run a giant test task?
  • How to write a resume, in what format to send?

Techmaklife recommends sending resumes (when it comes to sending by e-mail, for example) only in pdf format. Some try to do this in a notepad, free analogues of word, etc. Pdf is convenient, simple, supported by most systems. Try to avoid spelling mistakes, this is very important.

What and how to write about experience in a programmer’s resume?

Write only about specific achievements. For example, while working for company N, such and such a product was implemented under my leadership. Such technologies were used (framework, PL). After the release of the product, he led the support team for this product. Or, for example, I participated in the Z project, my tasks included this and that, for this I had to learn such and such a PL.

Do I need to indicate experience in other industries not related to programming?

You can specify very briefly, was engaged in the sale of computer equipment, worked in a bank, etc. I performed such and such duties, learned that, according to space laws, now in IT. Agree, it will be strange if your work experience began, for example, from the age of 30. This will raise questions from HR.

Why do I need a column “About myself” and what to write there?

Career start

The more detail you describe about yourself, the more likely it will play into your hands. But, the main thing is that it is relevant and, at least in theory, could help you in your future work.

For example, you are just starting a career in development, testing (qa), etc. Prior to that, you have experience as a courier or an apprenticeship. You can point out that you filled out the route sheets meticulously and you were repeatedly praised for this. Hr will assume that you are quite diligent and able to catch bugs for hours. This is undoubtedly a big plus for your karma.

Beginner specialist (2-3 years):

Indicate the professional literature that you read, you are reading now. Tell us about professional forums, sites on which you are registered, it is possible to send a link to your profile. This will be a clear signal to HR that you have a desire to grow in your field, you are constantly developing, and this is exactly the kind of specialist the company needs.

Specialist (4-6 years, little leadership/process design experience):

Tell us about your experience, hobbies, what you are interested in, what you read. What are your current and future goals? Why did you decide to move to leadership, project management.

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