Today, a copywriter is one of the most popular Internet professions. About what is included in the duties of a copywriter and how to become one, we’ll talk in this article.

What do a leaflet from an optician’s salon, a post about the perfect manicure on a social network, and a description of a refrigerator on the website of an online store have in common? All of these are examples of texts promoting a particular product or service. In order for such a text to bring tangible profit, it is better to order it from a professional author – copywriter.

The word “copywriter” comes from the English words “copy” – a manuscript and “writer” – a writer. Although written advertising has existed since ancient times, the profession of copywriter did not appear until the late 19th century in the United States. It was then that advertisers realized that consumer behavior can be influenced with the help of correctly composed text, and for the first time they hired a copywriter.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is an author who writes advertising texts to order. With the help of a word, it helps to create the desired image for the company, increase conversion and sales.

Copywriters work with different text formats – press releases, ads, commercial offers, landing pages, slogans and sales texts. The latter are usually written in special formulas, such as AIDA or PMPHS. Their goal is to attract the attention of the reader, talk about the benefits of a product, and at the end, be sure to call for action, for example, make an order or leave a request.

Texts can also be informative and entertaining. It is believed that they are no longer engaged in copywriters, but web writers. Web writers call themselves copywriters, and customers under the word “copywriter” mean a jack of all trades, ready to take on any text.

It is not so easy to prepare high-quality and interesting material that would also solve the customer’s problem. To do this, a copywriter needs not only to be able to put his thoughts on paper, but also to understand the target audience, its needs and pains, understand marketing and psychology, have a broad outlook and the ability to quickly find the information you need.

Typically, copywriters provide comprehensive services, but specific specializations can also be distinguished. So, for example, SEO copywriters write texts to promote sites in search engines, and SMM copywriters create content for social networks. Some people stop at one direction of work and write only texts for landing pages, email newsletters, or are engaged exclusively in image copywriting.

Pros of being a copywriter

The profession of a copywriter can find several important advantages.

Free schedule

A freelance copywriter chooses a convenient working time.

Fast learning

To become a copywriter, you do not need to study at the university for several years, courses will be enough.


Thanks to this profession, the author reveals his creative potential.


To promote on the Internet, bloggers and companies constantly need new content, so there is no shortage of orders.

Disadvantages of being a copywriter

Also, the profession of a copywriter has a number of serious disadvantages.

Load on vision and back

A copywriter spends a lot of time at the computer, which can cause problems with vision and posture.

Short time

Sometimes there is little time to prepare the material. The specialist must be able to calculate the forces in order to have time to understand the topic and hand over everything on time.
Low rates

At the initial stage, copywriters on exchanges are offered a rate of $10-15 per 100 words.


If companies are ready to fight for copywriting gurus themselves, then it can be difficult for newcomers to find their first client, since the competition is very high.


In vacancies for the position of a copywriter, education requirements are quite rare. Authors come to copywriting from different professional fields, and this plays into their hands. So, for example, it will be easier for a person with a medical education to write about health, and for a technical one about industrial equipment.

But knowledge in a particular area is not everything. Many engineers understand how a car engine works, but not everyone will be able to write an understandable, and even selling article about it, so first of all, a copywriter must own the word. Therefore, some employers prefer to hire performers with higher philological or journalistic education.

At the same time, copywriting is closely related to advertising, Internet marketing and PR, so a specialized education in these areas can also be an advantage when applying for a job.

Since copywriting is not taught in colleges and universities, in any case, you will have to master the basics either on your own using books and resources on the Internet, or in special courses.


Today it is no longer enough just to have a website or maintain a company account on a social network: you need to be able to stand out, interest the client and convince him to purchase a specific product or service. All this is easy to do with the help of high-quality text, so copywriters have been and remain in demand.

Employment and career

Copywriters can work for themselves and look for orders on stock exchanges, through social networks, or receive them through intermediaries. There is another option – to get a permanent job in the office of a company that needs to update content all the time.

Beginners usually get their hands on freelance exchanges. On such sites, a high rating plays a decisive role, which needs to be increased with the help of test tasks for the level of skill and positive customer reviews. Having gained experience, it will not be difficult to get a job in a content studio or advertising agency.

This profession has career growth: a copywriter can become an editor and lead a team of authors and content managers as a staff member of an organization or open his own studio.

In the near future, copywriting will not lose popularity, but will evolve. Changes in this area are already noticeable: the emphasis is gradually shifting from SEO to content marketing, texts are becoming shorter, and the requirements for them are tougher – no one wants to waste time on a “sheet” with a low percentage of uniqueness. The trend is experts with a narrow specialization, who deeply understand the topic and find an individual approach to the audience.

Is the profession of a copywriter suitable for remote work?

This is the most suitable profession for working remotely. Moreover, copywriters do not need not only an office, but sometimes a computer. The main thing is to always have a connection and a smartphone.

What should a copywriter know and be able to do?

A copywriter should be able to quickly understand any unfamiliar topic. Today you may be asked to write a text about elevator equipment, tomorrow about how to choose the right leather jacket, and on the third day about the features of growing wheat. The excuse “I am a humanitarian” will not work.

Does a copywriter need a portfolio?

Surely you can find a job without a portfolio, but you need to understand that the payment will be appropriate. If you are a beginner, then write some interesting posts on your social media pages and attach at least them as a portfolio. This way you will show that you can write texts.

By Angela Fort

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