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Data is very important information for any company. They can be used to predict customer behavior, track demand for a particular product, improve service and increase sales. The processing of values and indicators has shaped an entire profession – data analyst.

The IT sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Many specialists work in this area – programmers, system administrators, developers, testers and data analysts.

Who is a data analyst?

Data Analyst collects, processes and analyzes information. He writes queries to databases, identifies trends, tests hypotheses, conducts tests and, based on the results, draws certain conclusions that help solve a particular problem.

To do a good job, a data analyst needs to understand mathematics, probability theory, statistics, basic programming, and data visualization. Working as an analyst is suitable for diligent and sociable people with developed logical thinking.

Benefits of being a data analyst:

Fast learning

You can become a data analyst in one year, both on your own and by completing special courses. At the same time, a mathematical education will be a good base, but it is not necessary.

Good wage

IT professionals have a high income, and data analysts are no exception.
Distant work

A data analyst can work both in the company’s office and from home.

Fast career growth

Within a few years, a trainee analyst can progress to a senior analyst and then become the head of a department.


In large companies, the analytics department has a whole team of employees. More experienced colleagues will always help beginners.

Disadvantages of being an analyst:


Although the work of an analyst is quite creative, it is mainly associated with routine activities, such as collecting data.

Continuous learning

The field of information technology is developing very quickly, so you need to constantly learn and be aware of all the changes.

A responsibility

The work of an analyst affects the development of a company. Sometimes an employee has to defend his opinion before his superiors and take responsibility for the result.


The profession of a data analyst is one of the top most demanded professions not only in Russia, but also in the world. Today, not a single large company can do without the services of an analyst, since the results of the work of this specialist help to understand how efficiently the business is working and in what direction it should be developed.

Employment and career

If you have the necessary professional skills, personal data and portfolio, even a beginner can get a job as an analyst. It is better to start with an internship, which will help you see all the processes from the inside. For a portfolio, you can take a couple of free projects in the field in which the candidate wants to work. It will also be a big plus if the candidate understands some area: for example, has experience in finance, marketing, and not just data analytics.

The first rung on the career ladder after an internship is a junior or junior analyst position. A junior analyst works under the supervision of more experienced colleagues and hone their skills on specific tasks. After about a year and a half, a junior analyst can be promoted to become an analyst, and after another year or two, a senior analyst. The pinnacle of a career within one company will be the position of chief analyst.

Prospects for the future

Data volumes are constantly growing, which means that specialists who can process this data will also be needed. Data analysts will be in high demand in the near future, especially strong professionals in complex areas such as Big Data, machine learning and Microsoft Power BI.

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