An Internet marketer is a specialist who, using traditional marketing techniques, is engaged in the promotion of goods and services on the network. The profession combines business, technology and communications.

Who is it Internet marketer?

Marketing (from the English marketing – “market activity”) – an activity aimed at meeting market needs in order to make a profit. Internet marketing is the practice of using all areas of traditional marketing on the Internet. Simply put, the main task of an Internet marketer is to find out what people need and give it to them. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in business, analytics and work with big data, modern technologies and communications.

For successful work in the field of Internet marketing, professional skills, as well as features of personal development, are important. It is necessary not only to be able to analyze huge amounts of information, but also to draw the right conclusions from this about the current state of the market and the needs of customers, as well as constantly monitor current trends in the fields of advertising, media and entrepreneurship.

Professional skills are the first thing employers pay attention to. Here, a well-developed analytical thinking, knowledge of the basics of communication theory and economics, and creativity necessary to develop the right marketing strategy are required from an Internet marketer.

A successful Internet marketer must understand WEB analytics and work with services such as Google Analytics. No less important are knowledge in the areas of SEO and SMM, as well as contextual advertising (Google Adwords). Moreover, at least basic skills in the fields of programming and design will come in handy. For example, the basics of HTML for working with the website of a customer company and Adobe Photoshop for interacting with designers. In addition, in the modern world, knowledge of the English language is becoming very important – the ability to communicate with a client, an understanding of professional literature.

The Internet marketing profession is not usually divided into any specializations. The work includes many areas, which requires extensive knowledge in the fields of the humanities, social and economic sciences.

An Internet marketer is a man-orchestra. His work begins with an analysis of competitors and the position of his own product in the market. Based on this, a strategy is formed on how to attract potential buyers. It includes participation in creating the image of the product, promoting the brand in social networks, conducting advertising campaigns… And the turmoil does not end after all: after all, you still need to evaluate the performance.

Of course, it is simply impossible to do all this alone. Therefore, an Internet marketer is also an effective manager who inspires a whole team of specialists: copywriters, designers, SMM-specialists, PR-specialists and SEO specialists.

Pros of being an Internet Marketer

One of the main advantages of the profession of an Internet marketer is the ability to start working without spending 4-6 years to get a diploma in the profile. Such a specialist requires extensive knowledge in various fields, but they can be obtained at courses and seminars.

Another advantage of working as an Internet marketer is:

  • High demand. Any business needs a marketer: from a bakery to the largest online store.
  • Decent salary. Still, it is dangerous to underpay the person on whom your sales depend.
  • Interesting tasks. Such work will never get boring, because cases are always different and depend on the product. Marketing is like a good puzzle.

Disadvantages of being an internet marketer

Despite the increased interest of young people in this area, the profession has a number of disadvantages. Among them are the following:

Constant learning. The market does not stand still. New types of advertising and promotion are emerging. So you need to be ready to develop your “skill” and keep an “alarm suitcase” in your closet for trips to training seminars and conferences.

Stress. Normalized working day – it is better to forget these words so as not to get upset again. After all, sometimes you have to sit at work for days. For example, during the launch of an important project.

One of the main advantages of the profession of an Internet marketer is the ability to start working without spending 4-6 years to get a diploma in the profile.

Where to study internet marketing?

An Internet marketer needs to learn how to analyze large amounts of information about customer preferences and create effective marketing strategies based on them, including all available online promotion tools: from contextual advertising to creating a brand image. Therefore, such a professional should have knowledge in the field of classical marketing and advertising, as well as Internet communications. Additionally, you will have to master the rules for using a number of computer programs for data analysis and workflow optimization. All of the above can be learned. The main thing is to never stop there, because the list of professional tools is constantly expanding.

Today there are a huge number of courses, educational programs, trainings and workshops on Internet marketing. Of course, with such a variety, you should not be limited to one thing. After all, the more you try, the higher your chances will be in the race for your dream job. So, you can start with long-term online courses, and then find seminars in areas that are the most difficult.

The modern market of educational services is rich in offers in the field of Internet marketing. There are the following options for obtaining this specialty:

  • Homeschooling
  • Variety of online and offline courses.
  • Participation in seminars.
  • Professional retraining courses for university graduates
  • Education in higher educational institutions.

Educational establishments

The educational process lasts at least four years, during which students receive valuable knowledge and skills.


To master the specialty in the courses, you need to study for at least four months. There is no doubt about the quality of educational programs. Their authors are leading domestic and foreign advertising agencies, as well as higher educational institutions. Of course, you can study both face-to-face and online. Any of the options does not imply a run through the “tops”, but a deep study of the specialty and related areas. Moreover, students can always contact the lecturer or curator if they have any questions during the learning process.

To become a good specialist, it is not at all necessary to receive a specialized education. Of course, it will not be superfluous, but 6-month courses are quite enough for a confident start.

Advice from an expert

Internet marketing allows you to comprehensively solve the problem of attracting potential customers and retaining existing ones. It combines a huge number of competencies: here is a development strategy, and management of multiple communication channels, and analytics, and targeted and contextual advertising, and the creation of various types of content …

Creativity, the ability to analyze information, knowledge of IT technologies, and the ability to work in a team are often named among the skills that will be in demand in the coming years. An important factor is the continuous learning process, without which it is impossible to imagine an Internet marketer. Have search engine algorithms changed? Have new conditions for launching advertising campaigns in social networks? Are there UX design trends? Everything should be in the field of view of the Internet marketer. And now there are a huge number of online schools, courses, webinars available for those who want to develop.

With the development of technology, Internet marketing will further use the power of artificial intelligence. The events of recent months have clearly shown us how quickly the transition from real to virtual life takes place. Of course, not every business can be transferred to the Internet, but in any case, the demand for specialists capable of representing the company on the Internet will only grow.

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