Develop, design, analyze – these are skills for professional suitability for all time. They will help you get comfortable in the profession of the future. What professions will be relevant in 5, 10, 20 years – we deal with experts.

The main trendsetter of professional fashion is progress. At one time, he made the work of barge haulers, telephone operators, and water carriers unnecessary. He is now making absolutely new professions in demand – the professions of the future.

Technology rules the world today. Accordingly, knowledge workers in high-tech areas will be especially valued. Those who deftly manage 3D and biotechnologies, understand robotics and the Internet of things, know how to design, prototype, adapt. All these skills are the future. And it is approaching by leaps and bounds.

List of top 10 most in-demand professions in the future

How to choose a profession that will be promising in the future

Be a sought after professional. Get decent pay for your work. And, of course, love what you do. These simple principles are the secret to success. What specialists will be successful in the future? Everything is simple here:

  • Those who are tech-savvy;
  • who knows how to work in various formats (in the office, remotely, using all available gadgets and instant messengers);
  • who masterfully use interdisciplinary knowledge to achieve the best result;
  • who has a systematic way of thinking;
  • who can develop and implement a specific project.
  • It should be borne in mind that our life is becoming more and more simplified. In one click, you can now visit a classical music concert, pay for housing and communal services, buy stocks, food and medicine. People live in rural areas, small towns, but at the same time work remotely for global corporations. Proceeding from the peculiarities of technological progress, from the new needs of people, it is precisely the need to choose a promising profession.

Digital-sphere, virtual reality, genetic engineering, ecology, new types of food, communication with people. These areas will act as a locomotive in creating the professions of the future. It remains to choose the one in which it will be most comfortable to work.

Here are some tips on how not to make a mistake in choosing and become a promising and sought-after specialist.

Assess your abilities appropriately

If you are inspired by the reforms of Alexander II, but you do not understand the principles of the formation of the NADH molecule, then you are unlikely to be able to master the profession of a bioengineer, bioinformatics or biopharmacologist. You need to choose the direction where it will be clear and exciting. So you will bring more benefits, you can count on career advancement, recognition of colleagues.

Develop existing talent

If you know how to do something with your hands, sew clothes, know how to improve the surrounding space, make pretty boxes or draw beautiful landscapes, develop in this direction. It will be promising and in demand both in ten and twenty years. People tend to have something unique, exclusive. You can always make money on this, make a successful career. The main thing is to properly monetize your talent.

Study novelties of scientific and technological progress

It is on its development that the disappearance or emergence of new professions depends. So, with the advent of alarm clocks, people who performed these functions in past centuries have sunk into oblivion. Barges and transport ships have replaced timber rafters. Milkmen and coachmen disappeared.

A lot of interesting novelties are presented at scientific and technical exhibitions. They have to be serviced, maintained, and software written for them. By studying new technologies, you can choose for yourself a promising profession that is in demand in the near future.

Try yourself in different areas

People with encyclopedic knowledge are always especially valued. Spend your free time usefully: learn languages, master graphic programs, learn how to edit videos, immerse yourself in the world of landscape design, understand the features of investment and time management. Specialists who can look at the same problem from different points of view, perform several functions will be indispensable ten years from now.

Focus on human needs

The goal of all innovations is to make our life more convenient and comfortable, to make life as easy as possible. The professions of the future will certainly help in this. Think about what else mankind can save time on, what will be useful for recreation, and what will become an integral part of our life. Develop in this direction. In any case, a person will stand in the center of everything. So, such developments will be especially valuable.

What professions may cease to exist in the future?

The rapid development of the latest technologies in all areas of activity suggests that the fastest replacement awaits those professions that already have robotic counterparts – work processes that can be taught to a machine and automate everything.

The world strives for simplification and optimization as an integral part of the development process. “Robots” are already calling us, not call center operators. Security guards and traffic police officers are being replaced with video surveillance systems and digital control of security fixation. The places of cashiers and conductors are thinning out, as terminals and cashless payments make it possible to buy goods and services without the presence of an employee.

Of course, someone has to teach the machine, invest the knowledge of many generations, paint algorithms of actions, and so on. So, absolutely no one will be left without work, but you need to understand that the development of technology requires constant development from all of humanity. With a computer, you definitely need to be on “you” and not be afraid to change directions of activity.

  • In the near future (and this is already happening) technologies and services will replace the services of travel agents, realtors, accountants, notaries, website creators, call center operators and many other “service” professions. The distant future, in the range of 10-30 years, will call into question the existence of such professions as drivers, security guards, proofreaders, translators, many bank employees, lecturers, programmers. That is, all those whose services can be easily replaced by online technologies or technical means will not be needed. The paradox is that programmers, for example, create such software products that can design websites, online platforms without the participation of programmers – the profession is gradually becoming less in demand.

Career Guidance Practitioner:
Those professions that do not require high qualifications, as well as those with the same, repetitive tasks, will disappear. All this can be done by robots.

What professions can appear in the next 20 years?

  • This has already been answered in detail, of course, by British scientists and included in the list not only space specialists in various fields and those who will globally fight climate change, but also such areas as a quarantine specialist or a time bank broker. Yes, there are no such banks yet, and so far the settlement is carried out in a different currency, but anything can happen.

The professions of the future are no different from the professions of the present and require not only basic education at school, college or university, but also constant self-education. The relevance of the market of the future is creative personnel, intellectual units capable of creating something new that artificial intelligence has not yet taught.

Event managers, content managers, webmasters, programmers, products and projects, online platform teachers, life coaches, recruiters and similar professions will be relevant for several more decades.

  • In the next 20 years, new professions will appear that will be based on the possession of certain skills. For example, systems thinking, project management, the creation of augmented and virtual reality, social programming. Most likely, these will be varieties of engineering professions with the understanding and skills of social psychologists, biologists, physiologists: a genetic engineer, a 3D designer, a biomechanic, a nanobioengineer, and others.

Big data analysts will be in demand, who must combine technical skills with an understanding of the social processes taking place in society. It is also worth noting that doctors, nannies, kindergarten teachers, and, to a certain extent, teachers, programmers, but of a different level, who develop artificial intelligence and cyber-organisms, will remain in demand.

  • In recent years, due to social networks, many new professions have appeared. Due to the fact that the growth of SMM continues, there is a separation of functions. Once upon a time, one smm specialist in a team was enough. Now, each social network needs separate narrow specialists. This was once the case with any profession – doctors once treated for all diseases, and with the growth of information, specialization occurred. Accordingly, the same thing will happen in any growing industry. Therefore, you need to choose not the name of the specialty, but the growing industry!

What professions of the future are the most suitable for girls?

  • It is not necessary to divide professions by gender – this is an outdated approach, because the number of “forbidden professions” is rapidly declining every year. Now, regardless of gender, there is an opportunity to get an education not only in an appropriate institution, but also in person – if only there was access to the Internet, where sometimes there is more information than in the best library in the world.

For the future, we can advise women to take a closer look at such professions as a content manager, media planner, coach, HR specialist, SMM specialist, Big Data analyst, machine learning specialist. These are demanded professions not only of the future, but of our present.

Everything is leading to the fact that in the future there will be no professions “for girls” or separately for “boys”, equality in the choice and development of a profession will be determined not by gender, but by the knowledge, skills and abilities that a person wants to acquire. If now there are almost no professions that women could not master, then in the future there will be practically no such professions.
At the same time, one must understand that in 20 years the physiology of the brain of men and women will not change, therefore, for the most part, girls will study to become teachers, doctors, designers and similar specialists. This absolutely does not exclude the development of such promising specialties as a biotechnologist, roboticist, nanotechnologist.

  • Girls have a big advantage over guys – it’s multitasking. It is easier for men to concentrate on a difficult task, but on one! Therefore, all professions that require multitasking are best suited for girls.

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