A programmer is a specialist who creates computer programs using special languages. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in the exact sciences and modern technologies.

I order a taxi through the aggregator so as not to be late for work. For lunch – Vietnamese cuisine. The phone strums: “The courier is already in a hurry to get you!” On the way home, I scroll through the streaming service app, choose a movie for the evening. Oh yes, the milk is gone. I’ll order groceries with delivery, and spend my free time on something useful. For example, I will watch a video lesson in German…

A familiar picture, isn’t it? Technology is making our lives more comfortable and productive every day. It seems that a little more – and everyday routine will become archaic.

But behind each application there is a whole team of programmers who turn meaningless code into the site of your favorite store, a video call to your grandmother in Australia or a virtual fortress for your credit card.

A programmer is engaged in the creation of computer programs using special languages. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in the exact sciences and modern technologies.

For successful work in the field of programming, professional skills, as well as features of personal development, are important. It is necessary not only to have developed abstract and logical thinking, but also to have deep knowledge in the field of information technology. Moreover, you need to be able to organize your own time, prioritize, focus on client requirements and know the trends in the profession. Often such work is collective, so a good specialist should feel comfortable in a team.

Professional skills are the first thing employers pay attention to. Here, the programmer is required to have knowledge of special programming languages. They differ depending on the field of activity and the operating system of the device for which the program is being written. The most requested are the following:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C++


The profession of a programmer has several directions, and a programmer, as a rule, works only in one of them.

iOS developer

An iOS developer usually doesn’t write apps for an Android phone, his battleground is the iPhone. Conversely, an Android developer eschews any gadget with a bitten apple logo. Programmers of both directions own the full cycle of creating applications for their operating system. Of course, there are pros who can write programs for both operating systems at once. Only now it will take a very long time to learn: the principles of work and programming languages ​​are completely different. You can feel like a fish in water. But not every fish is equally well in both fresh and salty waters.

Frontend developer

Frontend developer specializes in interfaces. He is a kind of engineer, running the gears of sites and applications. Buttons, menus, slideshows – all this is his work. Besides,

Backend developer

A backend developer, roughly speaking, is preparing a platform for the work of a previous colleague. This is a very important specialist who deals with the administrative part of the web application – the database, logic and architecture.

Fullstack developer

A fullstack developer is a real code guru who owns the skills of the two programmers described above at once. Can single-handedly create a website from scratch with the big toe of his left foot while making the Eiffel Tower out of matches. Okay, jokes aside. It is far from always that such specialists have a deep knowledge of both areas at once. Therefore, they often deal with not very complex orders.

Game Developer

Any advanced student dreams of becoming a Game Developer. Coding games yourself – what else can you dream of? Such programmers are divided into developers of computer and mobile games.

Profession of a programmer – Pros

One of the main advantages of the profession of a programmer is high salaries in the field of website and mobile application development. Already at the initial level, a coder can earn from 40 thousand per month. Indeed, without a good programmer, no modern company can succeed.

Other benefits of working as a programmer include:

  • Interesting job. Do you still think that programmers are unsociable recluses with boring jobs? Yes, you just never experienced the joy that a developer feels when the code becomes a properly working application, and did not go to programmers’ parties to close the next project.
  • Your schedule. Work when you want, where you want. The main thing is to meet deadlines.
  • Career. What more! Moreover, the opportunity to work in large companies, start-ups.

One of the main advantages of the profession of a programmer is considered to be high salaries in the development of websites and mobile applications.

Profession of a programmer – Cons

Despite the increased interest of young people in this area, the profession has a number of disadvantages. Among them are the following:

Sedentary work. There is probably nothing to explain here. It is worth being ready to sit all day long in the company with a computer. So we buy a chair more comfortable and a subscription to a fitness club. Otherwise, part of the salary will have to be spent on doctors.

Permanent education. Remember what technology was just five years ago. That’s right, a programmer will have to learn until retirement, because along with devices, his knowledge also becomes obsolete.

Where to get an education as a programmer?

A programmer needs to learn how to use various programming languages to create well-functioning programs, applications, and computer games. Of course, obtaining such a specialty is a rather laborious process. The main thing is to never stop there, because the list of professional tools is constantly expanding.

There are a large number of training programs, trainings, courses and seminars on the market of educational services. We do not recommend focusing on one approach, but it is better to try to combine and study in different directions and schools. This will increase your chances of getting your dream job.

There are several ways to obtain such a specialty:

  • Home schooling.
  • Variety of online and offline courses.
  • Participation in seminars.
  • Educational programs from IT companies
  • Education in professional institutions (technical school, college, college).
  • Education in higher educational institutions.

In general, a lot of options. However, do not forget that the employer will most likely ask what university you graduated from. Having a degree in IT – or at least in a related technical field – will be a huge advantage, which can also affect your salary.

Educational establishments

The educational process lasts at least four years, during which students receive valuable knowledge and skills.


Programming is hard work. Therefore, IT courses will take a year, if not more. But you can be sure that the time will not be spent in vain. The curators of such educational programs are, most often, leading foreign and domestic universities, as well as IT companies that are themselves interested in training highly qualified specialists. After all, they can then be invited to work with you. Courses are available both online and offline. On them you can reach a good level in one of the areas of programming. In addition, you can always ask for help from teachers if the code does not want to “work”.

Prospects for the future

A programmer will never be left without a job. And digitalization is not going to slow down. IT has penetrated even into the sphere of agriculture. In addition, new specializations appear every year – for example, a smart home programmer or a software developer with elements of artificial intelligence. So the future is theirs.

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