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Time dictates its own rules, and the abundance of technology becomes familiar to us. But behind each, even the simplest device, is the responsible work of specialists in technical professions.

The work of specialists in technical professions is related to the development, maintenance and repair of equipment. The technical areas include electric power, mechanical engineering and metalworking, the fuel industry, the automotive industry, and the space industry. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, new technical professions are emerging.

Types of technical professions

  • Auto Mechanic
  • Architect
  • Geologist
  • Engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Mechanic
  • Programmer
  • Developer
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • Machine learning specialist
  • Heat power engineer
  • Technician
  • Turner

Who is suitable for technical professions?

To be successful in the technical field, you must have the following qualities.

Mathematical thinking. The ability to quickly solve new problems, the ability to analyze, see and evaluate individual details of the situation will come in handy.

Attentiveness. Mistakes are unacceptable, because even because of a small oversight, the company can suffer huge losses.

A responsibility. The specialist is personally responsible for his work.

Perseverance. Sometimes the rhythm of work is monotonous and requires special concentration.

Good health. High demands are placed on vision, hearing, muscle sensitivity, attention and memory.

Education plays a big role in getting a job. Some technical specialties can be mastered on the basis of a college or technical school, but specialists who have graduated from universities have more career prospects and can take a higher paying position.

Advantages of technical professions

Technical professions are in high demand among applicants. Young people see many advantages in their future work.

Many areas of activity

A graduate can choose the direction that most closely matches his interests.

Demand and guaranteed employment

Enterprises sort out graduates immediately after graduating from specialized universities.
good salary

Low competition

The labor market is experiencing a shortage of technical specialists.

Continuous learning

The development of production and new technologies require employees to periodically improve their skills, take courses, master related specialties, and study foreign experience.

Cons of technical professions

Every job has its drawbacks. The technical professions are no exception.

Impact of harmful factors

Production is often accompanied by noise, poor ventilation and harmful fumes that adversely affect health and lead to the development of chronic diseases.

Risk of injury

To a greater extent, this applies to specialists in the field of energy, industrial installations and mining.

Overtime and awkward schedule

There are frequent delays at work, shifts at night, shift work. Workers in enterprises with a continuous work principle are forced to comply with a heavy work schedule.

Popular questions and answers

What are the highest paid tech jobs?

– It depends not on the profession, but on the industry. For example, an engineer in construction typically earns more than an engineer in mechanical engineering. It also often happens that representatives of working specialties (installers, millers) receive more than their fellow engineers. This is due to the fact that representatives of working specialties are involved in overtime work, which is paid in double volume. Often working specialties have difficult conditions, due to which wages also increase.

What technical professions will be in demand in the future?

– Programmers, engineers, installers, operators of technological equipment. In general, all those who are associated with the functioning of complex technology. Technology is everywhere today, in all areas, and it becomes more and more complex every year. Even if you plan to live in the countryside all your life, in the near future you will probably come across the fact that someone has to service the autopilot of the combine there, for example.

What technical professions are suitable for girls?

All professions are equally accessible to both women and men. Many girls are designers, engineers, power engineers.

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