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Based on publicly available data, Druva Data Protection for SaaS Applications has multiple cloud security advantages compared to Commvault Metallic SaaS Backup and Recovery.

IT teams seeking an SaaS recovery solution have quite a few boxes to tick: They need something secure and comprehensive, with easy manageability and accessible support. Principled Technologies (PT) used publicly available information to compare two SaaS protection solutions: Druva Data Protection for SaaS Applications and Commvault Metallic SaaS Backup and Recovery. The PT report covers six main areas: data isolation, applications available for protection, application programming interface support, Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program status, customer data privacy, and support and training.

According to the report, PT found that “the Druva solution offered several advantages—including strong API support, FedRAMP authorization, physical air-gapping, and a dedicated training program—which the Commvault solution lacked.”

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